Our Vision

Our vision is to empower you to make the world a better place by putting money in projects that reflect your values.

Our Blog

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The Ethical Capital Team

We are a talented team of entrepreneurs and developers building an app to allow people to make money work for themselves and the world, through fractional investing, based on their own values.

Core Team

Eike Post, Ph. D
Product Director
After working in consulting, finance and a social enterprise I build several startups. One I grew to 7 million registered users with almost zero marketing.
Milo de Prieto
Communications Director
Creating advertising and content for global companies, my speciality is branding and building dynamic conversations around projects & communities.
Gavin Mummery
Financial Director
With a PhD in ecosystem management I have years of experience in managing the finances of major companies across industries.
Melissa Gilmour
Marketing Director
I have built global networks in impact investing, public equities and B2C tech. My passion is to connect ethical investors with ethical businesses.


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